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I have gotten started on an exciting new addition to the practice. I recently trained to be able to deliver botox and dermal fillers to our patients. It has been a goal of mine to be able to deliver the most up to date procedures, especially related to the aesthetics. The trend has been moving to the oral – systemic connection. We have been working here in the office toward integrating your physical health and oral health, I decided to carry that concept into the aesthetic arena. Once the teeth look good what about the areas around the mouth? If we ignore the rest of the face, then we have really limited what we have done in esthetic dentistry.
It is time to give serious consideration to extending the oral-systemic connection to the esthetic realms of the face, which we as dentist are more familiar than any other health-care practitioner.
Botox is used for smoothing facial wrinkles by eliminating dynamic wrinkles caused by muscles in motion. Dermal fillers are commonly used to add volume to the face in the nasiolabial folds, lip augmentations and other areas of volume deficiency.
If this something that interests you please give us a call and come in for a consultation.

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    This is a great ideea to make the aesthetics on the faces after the teeth are treated. It will sure increase the overall look and confidence of the person.

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