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Sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep condition where breathing is interrupted, sometimes up to several times per night. This affects one’s health, mental acuity, memory and much more. Totowa and Wayne area sleep apnea patients can find relief from the dentist after they have had a medical sleep study. Dr. Martin and Dr. Ferraiolo are trained to offer comfortable relief through a mandibular advancement mouthguard.

Our North Jersey doctors believe in the neuromuscular dentistry approach – that all bones, muscles, joints and teeth need to work together in harmony for your best health. By positioning the bottom jaw forward, the airway becomes more open, enabling maximum airflow all night long. The mouthguards are comfortable and much easier to adapt to than a CPAP machine.

Our relief for sleep apnea offers Wayne and Totowa patients:

  • Restful sleep
  • Improved hypertension
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding) protection

  • Domestic harmony with snoring relief
  • Relief from headaches, grogginess, memory problems

I always feel so welcome when I come to this office. Everyone is easy going, easy to talk to and kind.

Kerry P., Actual Patient at Distinctive Dentistry

Have Questions About Sleep Apnea?

Here are the answers from our Totowa dentists.
  • What causes sleep apnea?
    Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tongue and soft tissue at the back of your throat relax and block oxygen to your brain while you’re sleeping. This lack of oxygen forces your brain to wake you briefly to take a breath.

    This cycle of not breathing and waking can occur hundreds of times throughout the night, leaving you to feel unrested and tired in the morning.

    Many of our sleep apnea patients from Totowa, Wayne, Montclair, Little Falls, Fairfield, Woodland Park, and other nearby communities have found a custom orthotic to be a simple solution for this disorder. It gently moves the jaw forward and opens up the back of the throat, allowing you to breathe normally and getting you the restful sleep you need.

  • Is sleep apnea a serious problem?

    Yes, it is. Sleep apnea not only impacts the quality of your day-to-day life by leaving you feeling drowsy and tired but if left untreated, it can also cause serious health problems.

    Sleep apnea is linked to life-shortening diseases, such as:

    • High blood pressure
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes

    Our team at Distinctive Dentistry is interested not just in your oral health, but also in your overall health and well-being. That’s why we offer effective and non-invasive treatment for your sleep disorder.

    Please, don’t put it off! Call or contact us today for a sleep apnea consultation.

  • How can I tell if I have sleep apnea?
    That’s a good question because many people who have sleep apnea are unaware that they do.

    People often think of snoring as just a normal part of the sleep process, but did you know it can also be one of the signs of sleep apnea? What are some other symptoms that could indicate a sleep apnea problem?

    Here are a few habits to watch for:

    • Dry mouth or sore throat when you wake up
    • Waking up often at night
    • Loud snoring or gasping for breath
    • Daytime drowsiness
    • Waking with a headache

    A sleep study is needed to determine if sleep apnea is the real culprit behind your lack of restful sleep. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, contact our expert sleep apnea dentists to schedule an appointment for treatment.

  • Is treatment expensive?
    Sleep apnea treatment with a custom orthotic is very affordable. The average cost for an appliance is between $1800 – $2000.

    A custom orthotic is more comfortable and less invasive than treatment with a CPAP machine. Here are some other benefits you gain with a sleep apnea mouthguard:

    • Easy to use
    • It’s compact and portable
    • Won’t disturb your bed partner’s sleep
    • Immediate results

    Did you know your medical insurance might cover all or some of the cost of a sleep appliance? Also, we accept payment from CareCreditOpens in CareCredit website, a third-party financing company that will let you make affordable monthly payments.

    We want you to get the treatment you need, contact us for a sleep apnea consultation today.


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