Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

With an extensive understanding of the neuromuscular system, Dr. Martin and Dr. Ferraiolo can return worn smiles to health and vitality. Full mouth rehabilitation is dentistry near Little Falls, NJ that does just that – rehabilitate the function, look and feel to the full mouth. Returning the mouth to its intended structure lets you feel good about your smile. When you reestablish a healthy smile, it serves your oral health as well as complimenting your appearance.

By using a gentle approach combined with neuromuscular principles, Dr. Martin and Dr. Ferraiolo renew your smile. This solution may include any or all of the following procedures:

Full Mouth Rehab Can Bring Your Smile Back

An actual before and after full mouth rehabilitation case by Distinctive Dentistry in Totowa NJ
An actual before and after full mouth rehabilitation case by Distinctive Dentistry in Totowa NJ

Many factors contribute to excessive wear on a smile. Our North Jersey doctors focus on solutions for worn teeth and chronic pain by optimizing jaw function and muscle balance. This compassionate care is completely customized for your needs. The treatment may begin gradually, if necessary, but over time we can successfully eliminate pain and increase comfort for all our patients. No matter what the schedule of treatment is, you can look forward to a healthy oral condition.

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Dr. Martin and Dr. Deb always take the time to get to the root of my problems. They are the BEST!

Diane M., Actual Patient at Distinctive Dentistry

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