Totowa Teeth Whitening

Safe, effective, and affordable teeth whitening.

A smiling man with bright teeth, thanks to teeth whitening in Totowa NJ

Taking years off your look is so easy with whitening!

Look younger, feel better and smile brighter! It’s all possible with professional whitening. Wayne and Totowa, NJ area patients of Dr. David Martin and Dr. Debra Ferraiolo can choose from in-office teeth whitening or at-home methods.

  • In-office Whitening

    In our North Jersey dental office, we can use Zoom! Teeth Whitening or other brands, based on your needs and priorities. After wearing the gel for about an hour, your teeth will be visibly lighter and brighter. The process fits your schedule and your doctor can recommend the best treatment for you, based on your tooth sensitivity and the types of discoloration present.

  • Take-Home Whitening

    If you’d rather whiten at home, we also make custom trays for you. These fit your teeth perfectly, so the whitening gel applies to teeth, not gums. This Totowa or Wayne teeth whitening solution is effective in about two weeks. It’s easy – just pop them in while watching TV or winding down for the evening.

Have been treated by Dr. Martin and/or Dr. Ferraiolo for over 15 years... they are both excellent, maintain their knowledge base through journals and educational classes, maintain a high level of excellence in their staff and do it all while providing a happy and caring atmosphere.

Mary Z., Actual Patient at Distinctive Dentistry

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