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Fitness Fun as a Totowa NJ Dentist

Your  Totowa NJ dentist cares about much more than keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. We want to be your partner in your overall HEALTH!

We all know that the health of your mouth affects every aspect of your body. But what are some other important ways to keep your and your family’s bodies healthy and strong, besides your regular six month dental check ups? We can probably all say it together: Healthy eating and plenty of exercise!

For some wonderful ideas for fun, healthy recipes for your family, visit our Pinterest board: (  For some wonderful ways to stay active with your family, check out some of our favorite ideas!

Your  Totowa NJ Dentist Recommends Making Saturday Your Active Day!

Commit as a family to do one active thing together every week. Make a list of activities each person enjoys, then work your way through the list! Some of our team’s favorite activities are:

  • Family‐friendly hikes
  • Bowling ‐ invite friends
  • An afternoon or evening at the local swim center
  • Walk, rollerblade, or ride your bike around a lake or local trail

Weeknights Can Be Active Nights Too!

What can you do during the busy weeks when the weather isn’t so great to keep your family active? Here is what we do with our families:

  • Wii Fit: Video games with exercise ‐ so fun!
  • Zumba: Many local schools host affordable classes that welcome all ages!
  • Create a family fitness board that includes a reward system: 100 jumping jacks, 10 points! 23 push ups, 7 points! You get the idea. Set a goal of points and a reward that everyone will enjoy!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is FUN! The purpose of being healthy is to enjoy life, so have fun getting and staying healthy. Your Totowa NJ dentist wants to hear about your ideas and successes, so please share in the comments below or comment on our Facebook [] page!

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