With many different applications, the diode laser is one of the most exciting tools available to laser dentistry practices. WE have had the laser in the office for over 5 years but just recently we have expanded it”s usage into many areas of treatment. This revolutionary technology allows us to treat patients with great precision, meaning less pain and quicker healing. Diode lasers can be used in several cosmetic dentistry procedures. If one has a “gummy” smile the diode laser becomes a easy, painless treatment modality to remove that appearance.

In the diode laser, energy is focused at the site of a semiconductor embedded inside a crystal. This energy is then transmitted via a flexible optical fiber to a handheld unit used by the dentist during treatment. The laser’s power can be finely adjusted to perform a wide variety of procedures more safely and comfortably than ever before.

The diode laser is flexible enough to be used in many different procedures. It is most commonly used to perform soft-tissue surgery, including removing tumors and lesions from the soft tissues of the mouth. Because the diode laser’s high-energy beam kills bacteria, it is often used to sterilize areas of the mouth before or during root canals, cavity treatment, canker sores and other such procedures.

We use the laser as an adjunct to periodontal therapies. Just today we had a patient in whom had periodontal scaling 4 months ago and we used the laser as a sterilizing procedure to conclude the treatment. He was in today for his recare appointment and 90% of the periodontal pockets had reduced with severa of them resolving over 70%. No medications were used. Almost no bleeding at any sites that were cleaned. In this era of trying to reduce inflammation in the mouth this addition to out procedures is helping all out patients achieve healthy mouths.

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