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Many people only seek a dentist when they have a tooth that needs help. Trying to save money by only treating a tooth when a problem has reached a point that it can no longer be ignored, is short-sighted. Why? Because it actually costs you more. Preventative dentistry not only saves time and money, it also protects your smile for the long haul.

Comprehensive dentistry involves getting to the very root of dental problems and building from a good foundation up. It’s like remodeling a house. Would you call an architect or interior designer first? Obviously, you must get the basic foundation built first and then add the finishing touches.

Why it saves you time and money?

Comprehensive dentistry takes a preventative approach to dentistry that deals with minor dental issues before they become big, costly issues. It just makes sense! Check out our download to learn:

  • Statistics that will make you think about your treatment. (Statistics don’t lie!)
  • Why we say maintaining your oral health is like maintaining your car.
  • The 4 ways Comprehensive Dentistry will benefit you.
  • How does the Comprehensive Dentistry approach actually work?

Download it today and start saving time and money tomorrow!

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What’s more important than your time or money? Your health!

One of the best reasons for choosing a comprehensive dentistry approach to your dental care is your health. Did you know that recent studies link dental disease to major health threats? Heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis are just a few. The link that connects them is the bacteria that enters your bloodstream through damages oral tissue and travels to other vulnerable parts of the body. It’s really true that your oral health is the gateway to your whole-body health.

Being proactive, and maintaining good oral health is a key to keep your whole-body in the best health possible!

We hope we’ve given some things to think about when it comes to your oral care. We would love to discuss the benefits of Comprehensive Dentistry with you on a one-to-one basis. We invite you to call our dentist in Totowa, NJ at (973) 942-6467 or contact us online to make an appointment. In the meantime, be sure to get your free download and get started on a healthier you!

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