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How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Womans smile before teeth whitening on the left and after on the right

Everyone wants to have a bright and beautiful smile.


There are times when nature decides to dull a smile’s luster.

There are plenty of at-home whitening products like strips or gels that you buy over the counter.

We often hear people feel nervous about investing in professional teeth whitening because they’re unsure how long it will last.

So that’s what we’re going to cover in this blog, including how long professional teeth whitening lasts over DIY teeth whitening.

How long does professional teeth whitening last compared to over-the-counter strips?

Depending on your cosmetic dentist, there are multiple professional teeth whitening brands to brighten your teeth.

Depending on your enamel shade, lifestyle, and oral hygiene habits, professional teeth whitening can last between 12-24 months and make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter.

Whereas over-the-counter strips (like Crest White Strips) can last up to 6-12 months.

Now, we must bring up:

Professional teeth whitening isn’t permanent.

But proper maintenance prolongs the whitening effect. This includes avoiding:

  • Smoking
  • Staining foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, or soy sauce

Why does professional teeth whitening last longer than over-the-counter whitening strips?

At-home whitening strips have 7-10% of hydrogen peroxide as an active component, and they remove the stains on your teeth’ surface, making them appear whither.

Still, they don’t have a lasting effect as in-office professional whitening.


The key thing is how concentrated the hydrogen peroxide is, which is a bleaching agent.

With professional teeth whitening, the concentration of peroxide is up to 40%, and it remains isolated on your teeth for a significant amount of time.

Here’s what to expect during a teeth whitening treatment:

  • Consultation: Your dentist will cover all the steps of the whitening procedure and answer all of your questions.
  • Whitening Procedure: You’ll be given safety eyewear and wear a special contraption to protect your gums from the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Professional Supervision: Your dentist will monitor and control all the processes, including the gel exposure time and light intensity. You get your bright smile without any health risks.

That’s why you’re able to get a whiter smile with even and immediate results with professional teeth whitening compared to DIY teeth whitening.

Is professional teeth whitening worth it?

You can use at-home teeth whitening strips, but the downside is that they aren’t customized for your smile.

Why does that matter?

A “one-size-fits-all” approach ends up with uneven results, and you’re not getting the care from an experienced professional who customizes your treatment to your liking.

With professional clinical in-office whitening, you’ll get a brighter smile longer.

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