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Help to Brighten Your Smile with Foods

There are foods that we eat regularly that have the ability to help brighten our smiles. This is a great adjunct to your whitening regime.  Here are 5 natural foods that you already have in your kitchen that can give you a whiter smile.

1. Apples: Just chewing on apples helps to scrub your teeth. The malic acid in apples can increase saliva, which cleans your teeth and helps to remove stains.

2.Pineapple This is the only food that naturally contains bromelain- a compound with anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. This is an effective ingredient in stain-removing toothpastes.

3. Broccoli The high iron content has an added benefit of providing a wall of protection against acids produced bu bacteria found in the mouth. This prevents cavaties and stains.

4. Cheese The calcium,protein and phosphourus protect the tooth enamel. This helps to mantain the enamel and the color as one ages.

5. Strawberries Like apples, strawberries also contain malic acid and they have the added benifit of ellagitannins, antioxidants that can help reduce stain atracting bacteria in your mouth.

As you can see they are so many foods that can in a variety of ways help to reduce stains, promote enalmel preservation and overall enhance your dental health. So the key is eat away.

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