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Why Consider Orthodontic Treatment?

Straight, beautiful teeth of course! Well, if you think that being able to eventually flash a gorgeous smile is the only reason to consider braces or Invisalign, think again! For our valued patients from Totowa to Wayne, orthodontics provides benefits beyond just an enhanced appearance of one’s smile!

Consider these advantages of properly aligned teeth that you may not have known:

* Healthier gums. When teeth are moved into proper alignment with treatment in orthodontics, Wayne area patients will notice that their gum tissue becomes less inflamed, and bleeds less. This is because crowded teeth harbor bacteria and cannot be cleaned as effectively as straight teeth.
* Improved function of your teeth. How often do we think of the function of our teeth? Well, for individuals with misaligned teeth, function is often a major concern, as they may have difficulty with chewing and speech! When orthodontic treatment is used to reposition the teeth, they function as they should, making chewing and speaking simple, as they should be!
* Enhanced comfort! When teeth are out of alignment, this can often put unnecessary stress on the jaw joints and muscles of the face. For some people, this means battling with chronic jaw soreness and even headaches. Thanks to orthodontics, Wayne and Totowa area patients can likely relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.

We invite you to contact the office of Dr. David J. Martin today to learn more about how dentistry can improve your life! We look forward to hearing from you!

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