This is our November newsletter. I thought it was important to share this with everyone.

This Veterans Day we would like to take a moment to celebrate the men and women of the armed forces, past and present.  Although we are certain there are many of our patients who have served our nation in some capacity, below we share the story of three of them.

The inspiration for this e-letter was a coincidental meeting that occurred this past summer in our office waiting room. One of our patients, Mr. Arthur Kuehn, had been discussing his experiences in World War II during some appointments.  He had brought some memorabilia to show us, including the Purple Heart he was awarded.  As we stood chatting with him, another of our patients, Mr. Thomas Blackmon happened to stop in.  These Octogenarians are both long-time patients in our practice, but their paths had never crossed until this day.  Before you knew it they were both sharing emotional memories from their times in World War II, over 60 years ago.

Mr. Thomas Blackmon (left) and Mr. Arthur Kuehn (right)

Mr. Kuehn was in the Navy and served as a Radarman 3rd class responsible for monitoring radar on the ship.  He spent time stationed in the Sulu Sea in the Philippines where he and his crewmen went to the aid of ships that had been disabled.  Dwight Shepler, the famous Navy Combat Artist was on board his ship.  Combat Artists sketched the war as it was happening.  Mr. Kuehn had some original sketches to show us.

Mr. Blackmon served in the Army/Air Force as a Quarter Master in the Air Cargo Squadron.  He and his crew were responsible for loading planes with supplies and provisions to be distributed via airplanes to our troops.  He served here in the United States as well as New Guinea, the Philippine Islands and Okinawa, Japan.

Both gentlemen returned home in 1946 and eventually married and raised families alongside their lovely wives.  These days, in addition to enjoying time with their children and grandchildren, these gentlemen continue to keep themselves busy.  Mr. Blackmon continues to be an active member of his church  and recently was given a tribute for all his years of service.  Mr. Kuehn has been an avid golfer through the years.  At this time of year you will find him baking cherry pies for the holidays using the cherries he picks from the tree in his backyard.


Today’s War Veterans



Michael Messina has been a part of our “office family” since his mother Karen brought him and his sister Stephanie in for dental care as children.  After finishing school Michael decided to enter the military.  He served 8 years.  It was there he met his wife, Teri who served with the Air Force K-9 unit in Afghanistan.  They have a beautiful 7-month old son named Jaden Michael.  They currently live in San Antonio where Teri  is still serving in the Air Force.  Michael has left the military but still serving his country as a civilian.  Presently he is working as a private contractor in Afghanistan as a Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) operator dealing with security and surveillance.


Teri and Michael Messina with son Jaden


We would like to take a moment to thank all who have given of themselves to keep us safe.

Celebrate Our Veterans!

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