I found the following study which I found very interesting. The Relative Dentin Abrasivity is a measure on how much tooth structure can be worn using a specific paste. Please take a look at the list of highly abrasive tooth paste and try some of those in the low category. All done to help safe your teeth.

Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)

Relative dentin abrasivity (RDA) is a method of measuring of the erosive effect of abrasives in toothpaste on tooth  dentin.  It involves using standardized abrasives compared against the test sample. The determination of this value is done by determining the activity while cleaning worn dentin which is radioactively marked by mild neutron irradiation. The values obtained depend on the size, quantity and surface structure of abrasive used in toothpastes.

Since 1998, the RDA value is set by the standards DIN EN ISO 11609. Currently, in US, the claim on products such as toothpaste are not regulated by law. The procedure was later adopted by American Dental Association for measuring of Relative Dentin Abrasion Index.


0 – 70low abrasive
70 – 100medium abrasive
100 – 150highly abrasive
150 – 250regarded as harmful limit

Toothpaste makers regularly measure their product’s abrasivity. It’s necessary for FDA approval, and usually is not required to be disclosed on the label. Abrasivity measurements are given by what’s known as an RDA value which stands for radioactive dentin abrasion orrelative dentin abrasivity. The maximum value for FDA approval is 200. Toothpastes that claim whitening properties apear to have a higher abrasiveness index. Here is how to interpret the RDA values:


  • From 0 to 80 = low abrasion
  • 70 to 100 = midrange abrasion
  • 100 to 150 = highly abrasive
  • 150 to 250 = considered harmful to teeth


The lower the number, the less enamel/dentin it is likely to be worn away. The higher the number – the more wear on your dentition. The ideal toothpaste would not have a RDA index higher that 7; therefore dentifrices with a low abrasivity index are desirable.


07straight baking sodaChurch & Dwight
08Arm & Hammer Tooth PowderChurch & Dwight
30Elmex Sensitive PlusElmex
35Arm & Hammer Dental CareChurch & Dwight
42Arm & Hammer Advance White Baking Soda PeroxideChurch & Dwight
44Squigle Enamel SaverSquigle
48Arm & Hammer Dental Care SensitiveChurch & Dwight
49Arm & Hammer Peroxicare Tartar ControlChurch & Dwight
49Tom’s of Maine Sensitive (given as 40’s)Tom’s
52Arm & Hammer Peroxicare RegularChurch & Dwight
53Rembrandt Original (RDA)Rembrandt
54Arm & Hammer Dental Care PM Bold MintChurch & Dwight
57Tom’s of Maine Children’s, Wintermint (given as mid-50’s)Tom’s
63Rembrandt Mint (‘Heffernan RDA’)Rembrandt
68Colgate RegularColgate-Palmolive
70Colgate TotalColgate-Palmolive
70Arm & Hammer Advance White SensitiveChurch & Dwight
70Colgate 2-in-1 Fresh Mint (given as 50-70)Colgate-Palmolive
83Colgate Sensitive Maximum StrengthColgate-Palmolive
91Aquafresh SensitiveColgate-Palmolive
93Tom’s of Maine Regular (given as high 80’s low 90’s)Squigle (Tom’s)
94Rembrandt PlusRembrandt
94Plus WhiteIndiana study
95Crest Regular (possibly 99)P&G (P&G)
101Natural WhiteIndiana study
103Arm & Hammer SensationChurch & Dwight
104Sensodyne Extra WhiteningColgate-Palmolive
106Colgate PlatinumIndiana study
106Arm & Hammer Advance White PasteChurch & Dwight
107Crest Sensitivity ProtectionColgate-Palmolive
110Colgate HerbalColgate-Palmolive
110Amway Glister (given as upper bound)Patent US06174515
113Aquafresh WhiteningIndiana study
117Arm & Hammer Advance White GelChurch & Dwight
117Arm & Hammer Sensation Tartar ControlChurch & Dwight
120Close-Up with Baking Soda (canadian)Unilever
124Colgate WhiteningIndiana study
130Crest Extra WhiteningIndiana study
133Ultra brite (or 120-140)Indiana study (or Colgate-Palmolive)
144Crest MultiCare WhiteningP&G
145Ultra brite Advanced Whitening FormulaP&G
145Colgate Baking Sode & Peroxide Whitening (given as 135-145)Colgate-Palmolive
150Pepsodent (given as upper bound)Unilever
165Colgate Tartar Control (given as 155-165)Colgate-Palmolive
168Arm & Hammer Dental Care PM Fresh MintChurch & Dwight
200Colgate 2-in-1 Tartar Control/Whitening or Icy Blast/Whitening (given as 190-200)Colgate-Palmolive
200recommended limitFDA
250recommended limitADA
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