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What a wonderful day we had on Saturday. My oldest got hitched. Ryan has known Nicole (yes it is my daughter’s name) the past 8 years. They held the ceremony in Morristown and the reception was at the Chart House in Weehawken. It was a beautiful day and evening. The views were spectacular. It was such a thrill to have all your family and friends in one place to celebrate the joyous occasion. The food and band were first class and sitting right next to me was my team and their significant others. It was fun to have then there to share all the festivities. It was one of those weekends that will always be a part of me. The joy from seeing your child take that step to adulthood and find a mate that so perfectly compliments them, it is hard to find words to describe the feeling. I will have pictures in the office for all those of you have following the planning and want to share with us. I wish all the same happiness on all of you.

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