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Fall in Love With Our Dental Assistants at Dr’s Martin and Ferraiolo

March 1‐7, 2015 marks Dental Assistant Recognition Week, and we think it’s a great time to highlight the hard work of our very own dental assistants, Lorrie, Suzanne and Jackie !


Our dental practice couldn’t run smoothly or effectively without our skilled and friendly dental assistants. They handle many important day‐to‐day activities and take wonderful care of our valued patients.


A day in the life of a dental assistant


You’ve probably met our dental assistants, Lorrie, Suzanne and Jackie at your visits, but have you ever wondered what exactly they do?

They make sure you’re at ease and ready for your visit with Dr’s Martin and Ferraiolo. They are keenly interested in your welfare and are available to help make sure your questions are answered and you’re comfortable for your visit.

Some typical procedures Lorrie, Suzanne and Jackie perform during your appointment include:

• Sterilizing and getting instruments ready for our use.

• Taking and processing your x‐rays.

• Assisting Dr’s Martin and Ferraiolo throughout your appointment.


Behind the scenes, our dental assistants also perform technical and detailed laboratory duties, including making mouth impressions and cleaning and polishing removable appliances. They help keep the schedule running smoothly and also assist with organizational and administrative tasks.

Visit Distinctive Dentistry and fall in love.

We love our dental assistants as well as our entire Totowa dental team here at Distinctive Dentistry and we know you will to! Whether you’re a long‐time patient or you’re gearing up for your first appointment with us, please make sure to tell us how we can make sure each and every appointment is comfortable and caring.

Want to learn more about Lorrie, Suzanne and Jackie ? Ask them your questions in the comments below!

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