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 The Back‐to‐School Rule: Visit the Dentist

School is just around the corner! You might have prepared them to don the latest stylish apparel and show off the latest school supplies, but did you prepare them with good oral hygiene habits?
Study These Facts
Did you know: According to the American Dental Association (ADA), a dentalexamination is as important as immunizations and booster shots and should be aregular part of back‐to‐school preparations?
Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that “tooth decay affectsU.S. children more than any other chronic infectious disease and 19 percent of childrenages 2 to 19 years old have untreated tooth decay.”
With statistics like these, 51 million school hours could be lost each year due to dental‐related illnesses—so If you want to help your kids succeed in school, teach them smartdental care.
Back‐to‐School Teeth Care Tips
1. Teach kids to brush and floss regularly.
2. Prepare healthy meals. Include grains, milk, cheese, raw veggies, yogurt, or fruit, andlimit sugary foods/drinks.
3. If involved in sports, wear a customized mouth guard to protect the mouth from potentially harmful blows, minimizing the risk of injury to the teeth, jaw bone, gums, and tongue. Customized mouth guards also lend superior protection against concussions and neck injuries. Not only do they fit more securely—they also last much longer too,offering only the best protection for your child’s oral and physical health for all sportsseasons!
4. Schedule a dental checkup with Drs Martin and Ferraiolo every 6 months! During the examination, we will continuously monitor and keep teeth looking and feeling healthy. Catching cavities and other problems early will prevent them from escalating in the future, saving your family both time and money.
If you have children heading to school, protect their mind and overall health by doing one simple thing—protecting their smile!
Make an appointment with Dr Martin and Ferraiolo of Totowa NJ to get them on the path toward long‐term dental success.
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