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Another Neuromuscular Success

Just wanted to share this with all that their is positive value to treating Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction utilizing Neuromuscular theories. This was posted on facebook today and wanted to share how positive factor on one’s life being pain free and able to absorb trauma if in the proper physiological position. I will continue to post patient responses to treatment.

“Jackie Brady David J Martin DDS MAGD/ Debra M Ferraiolo DMD FAGD: I just had to write to you all to tell you that I was in a multi-car accident on Tuesday. (I’m good, just sore) And to thank you for treating my TMD because my jaw is FINE! If this had happened before, it would have been terrible. I think my jaw’s the only thing that *doesn’t* hurt on my head/back/shoulders/neck. 🙂 So thank you so much.
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