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As a member of the International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics, I had the pleasure of attending their 9th conference in Calgary at the beginning of August.Their mission is “To elevate aesthetic dentistry around the world through an exchange of doctor’s experiences for the betterment of humanity. To remain dynamic dental organization that serves for the fusion of contributions from all disciplines that serve mankind in attaining health and beauty.”  The programs presented all upheld the mission as they were directed to improving the care we can deliver to our patients. There were 3 days of a variety of topics. Some examples were new techniques and materials to improve our direct aesthetic restorations to make them invisible and lifelike. A workshop in updates on the use of our instrumentation that we utilize for the orofacial pain patient. The opening on day 2 focused on total body health and how functional medicine can improve our and our patients well being. The afternoon presentation was focused on the importance of posture and neck posture  and how we can evaluate and treat imbalances. I ended the 3rd day with a lecture on children and obstructive sleep apnea. The 3 days added much to my ability to deliver the level of care that all our patients demand. Dentistry is entering a time when we realize there are many conditions that hare affected by one’s oral health, whether be a chronic pains situation or an inflammatory condition. If you have any questions related to any conditions that you can’t get answers to your dentist might be a good source. Ask. Looking forward to next years program.

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