Patient Reviews

Finding a good Wayne dentist is an important decision. Dr. David Martin and Dr. Debra Ferraiolo make the choice easier by including some real patient reviews. Read why they make an excellent choice to be your family provider.

Dr. Debbie,

I wanted to personally take this time, as my visits are coming to an end, and thank you for all you have done for me. I will always be thankful to my niece, Kathy, for referring me to you. I really never thought I would smile again without being self-conscious, always trying to cover my mouth when I spoke. Making a decision to have upper and lower dentures was very difficult, due to a potential bone problem that could have resulted in surgery, but you were able to avoid that due to your years of knowledge and expertise. I did consider implants, but at age seventy one, I felt it was not option for me. From the first day we met, I felt confident that I had made the right decision. You have given me back my smile, something I love to do a lot of, and I am now able to eat again without worrying about breaking a tooth. There are even times I forget I have dentures, they feel so natural and comfortable. How amazing is that, and all because of you. Many thanks Dr. Deb to you and your entire staff for such a great experience. Special thanks to your assistant Jackie, always there for your every need, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Every visit was a pleasure and I look forward to referring my family and friends to you. You are an amazing woman, excellent dentist and I will be forever grateful to you. -Bobbi Ann G.

“My TMD story
My issues with TMD began in high school. My jaw would click loudly. After an extremely stressful freshman year away at college, I had my first experience with locking. This would have been in winter 1994-95. I couldn’t open my jaw very far, and the school health facility gave me some muscle relaxants and told me to rub Ben Gay on it. I ate a LOT of oatmeal and eventually it must have gone back to normal. That winter of ’96 I had my wisdom teeth removed.
I always had soreness and issues with opening wide at the dentist. I tried various sleep guards from 2 different dentists to combat the excessive grinding that was making my teeth sensitive and my muscles so tight and sore. After my 2nd baby was born, I stopped wearing my night guard regularly because I was up in the middle of the night a lot. When I tried to start wearing it again, I would be VERY sore and tight in the morning when I woke up, and sometimes I would have moments of locking. I didn’t think too much of it, I could move my mandible around in various positions to kind of un-hinge the catch. It always seemed to go back. At some point in the fall of 2011 I found I could no longer get it to go back, and I was suddenly stuck with a bite of only about 18-20 mm opening, less than 2 finger widths. On top of not being able to fit food into my mouth, I was also in a LOT of pain and on soft diet since any kind of chewing was pretty painful. My regular dentist recommended me to an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon in the area. He took an x-ray and basically said I’d probably need surgery, but recommended me to a “TMJ specialist” in the area. This person also called himself a “head and neck pain specialist.” After an initial consult, he sent me out to get a MRI. At this point, I was in a lot of pain, getting pretty depressed about eating soft/liquid diet, constant migraines, and no end in sight. We tried a week of muscle relaxants and steroids, but I had no change in opening with this treatment. After looking at my MRI, he proclaimed I was going to need surgery and that any conservative approach would be a waste of my time and money. He just happened to have the perfect guy, and I would have to fly to Florida for the consult and eventual surgery. I was crying when I left that appointment.
So I took to the internet. I felt I needed to know that I had exhausted all non-invasive treatments before I let myself get operated on and forever change my joint with scar tissue, etc. Through a TMJ health board forum ( I found a recommendation for Dr. Martin and lots of interesting posts on Neuromuscular Dentistry and TENS treatment. At this point I was looking for some relief of my pain and symptoms even just to buy myself some time until my baby was a little older and I could see leaving him for a week to get surgery if I needed it. I was extremely dubious that my lock would somehow magically unlock itself, but was willing to try anything to avoid surgery.
Treatments with Dr. Martin started with TENS therapy. We could see that I had a little bit more opening after the TENSING, so this was promising. I was fitted with a fancy appliance and within a few short weeks I was in less pain. I then started going to Physical Therapy, where I did some short exercises, and they used an ultrasound on my joint. It was very scary to have someone manually manipulate my jaw, and at first it did more harm than good. Once we realized this was going to be a slower approach, I settled into my exercises and the change happened gradually. Each week I would get 2 or 3 or 4 more millimeters to my opening. Toward the end I had some tongue depressor sticks that I could put between my teeth and gradually stretch the opening at my own speed. I think it was about 3 months and I was up to 35 millimeters or so! (Dr. Martin, you probably have more accurate dates in your file).
The change was so gradual I hardly noticed it happening. I wore the appliance 24/7, and once I got used to eating and talking with it I hardly noticed it. The pain became less and less. Before I knew it I was eating things like burgers that wouldn’t have fit in my mouth before, AND I was eating them relatively painlessly! The headaches were pretty much gone as well. It has now been 8 months since I got my appliance, and as far as TMD symptoms I would say I’m 85% recovered. My opening is up to 41 millimeters and except for occasional muscle soreness, I am pain free. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100%, since I will probably always avoid things like bagels and hard foods, but my overall feeling and mood is immeasurably improved. I am at a point now where I would never consider surgery and would be happy to live at this level of recovery.
My husband and I are so grateful to Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff for helping us. Not to sound too cheesy, but you guys have given me my life back.

All the best!
Megan Barry”

“It was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Martin and his team yesterday. I walked out of the office feeling empowered because I finally understood what was going on with me.”

“Dr. Martin and his staff are the best dental team ever! Forget about 1-800-DENTIST!”

“Dr. Martin is awesome–I went to him for years while living in Totowa.”

“I have to say that what impressed me first and foremost was that you, Dr. Martin, had responded to my email just one hour after I sent it. And I had a phone call from Lorrie just two hours afterward. You don’t know how a simple act like that can impress a patient!”

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for how kind you are to your patients. I can’t remember the last time a doctor of any sort called my home to see how I felt after an appointment. It says so much about you as a person and a doctor.”

“Dr. Martin doesn’t just treat a symptom, he treats the person.”

“Ok. It’s official, I love my dentist!”

“Thank you. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and continue to do for me. You’re well worth the drive up the parkway!”

“I drive from Pennsylvania to Totowa for my dental care for two reasons: I know that I will receive expert care because my dentist and his team continually avail themselves of the latest knowledge, techniques and technology to provide the best care for each patient. But more importantly, I travel lovely Rts. 287, 46 and 80 because of the staff, who are wonderfully patient, kind, considerate, and caring. I am also the world’s largest chicken and they understand that! :)”

“I have nothing negative to say. The entire staff was soothing, compassionate and did not mock my fear of the dentist. This made my visit much easier on me. Thank you all and I love my Hydrofloss.”

“I left feeling completely confident that Dr. Martin will absolutely be able to resolve the issues resulting from the placement of my veneers. Whatever finding resolution entails, the process for getting there will be methodical and based on actual test data, not just a stab in the dark guess. Very confident and thankful to Dr. Martin. Looking forward to moving ahead in the process. See you in August! Staff were warm, welcoming, and very friendly, too.”

“I remain totally satisfied (over 25+ years) and extremly happy in the manner in which dental services were provided by Dr. Martin and his competent staff. Thank you all.”

“Dr. Martin is a VERY creative and caring dentist. I am fortunate to have the benefit of his expertise. Great office staff, too! Everyone has a passion for dentistry and they really care about good health for all of the patients.”

“This is the best dental office in NJ, by far. The staff has always been friendly and courteous. Dr. Martin has been my dentist forever and I will continue to frequent his office when necessary. I cannot find any reason for improvement as I stated before, it’s the best in NJ, by far.”

“Dr. Deb is wonderful. As a ‘dental phobic’ patient, her patience and professionalism have meant the world to me.”

“As always, the staff is genuinely concerned about their patients. It has always been a pleasure visiting the office.”