Metal-Free Fillings

Areas of minor decay on teeth need fillings and Dr. Martin and Dr. Ferraiolo exclusively place metal-free fillings. This means the materials are tooth-colored, unlike metallic amalgam fillings. Metal-free fillings are advantageous for several reasons, they are bonded in place for a superior seal, plus they are tooth colored to blend in with your teeth.

When considering dentistry in the Montclair, NJ or Totowa, NJ area, look for a North Jersey dental office offering metal-free fillings. They are simply a better restoration because they are bonded to the tooth. This bond seals out bacteria for the long term. Amalgam restorations can let bacteria seep into the tooth over time. Also, metal-free fillings require less tooth surface removal, and the material used can hold the tooth together for a very long time.

Look natural, feel great and preserve your tooth structure! It’s all possible for our Dentist in Montclair NJ. Call us for your appointment today!