Dental Hygiene

Keeping your mouth healthy is the best thing you can do for your smile. A healthy smile can last a lifetime with the proper home care and regular hygiene visits. Dr. Martin and Dr. Ferraiolo refresh smiles with gentle dental care for Wayne and Totowa patients.

During hygiene visits, teeth and gums are cleaned, and our North Jersey doctors also perform a visual oral cancer screening. They examine all the oral tissues for any abnormalities or infection. Oral cancer has become rampant, and can be treated most successfully with early detection. With a diligent approach to Wayne area dental care, you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind that your smile is in good hands!

On your dental hygiene visit, we:

  • Measure the pocket depths (the space between teeth and gums)
  • Gently clean teeth and gums
  • Examine for signs of oral cancer

A clean and confident smile is a true asset! Call for your dental hygiene appointment today.