When bacteria can’t get into tiny grooves teeth stay healthier! Dental sealants are a great preventative measure for our Totowa and Montclair area dental care. Especially useful with kids, sealants are applied to tooth grooves to seal bacteria out. Toothbrushes can’t reach these grooves so the best way to prevent cavities is to seal the area from bacteria with a sealant.

In our Totowa and Montclair, NJ area dental practice, Dr. Martin or Dr. Ferraiolo place sealants to prevent bacteria from forming in the first place. Children may be eating more sweet foods and brushing less diligently or less often than adults, so sealants are especially beneficial for them. We do place sealants on adult teeth as well, if the situation warrants it.

Keep your kids’ smiles healthy with sealants! Call for your child’s appointment today.